Free songs


I started painting murals twenty years ago in Gandia de Valencia on the east coast of Spain, home of paella, where people live to party and spend the lot on fireworks. 


from there I moved to gran canaria at the suggestion of a cuban exile who could diagnose people’s ailments at a glance and cure them often as not… wonderful landscapes and light. I saw, from on top of cliff, a rainbow at sea that formed a full circle…almost. I experienced total silence for the first and only time… in a cave underground. people still live in caves; there was even a restaurant in a cave.


from there to argentina, where luna was born, where there are still wild horses to tame and where, on the coast at least, the electric storms fill the sky with a fishnet of lightning. then to Costa Rica to live for while amid armadillos and giant prehistoric iguanas and to la antigua guatemala, where marcus was born, between vast colonial ruins too absurdly numerous to count.


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